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Snag a behind the scenes look at my stress-free schedule for 5-figure months while working only 15 hours a week.

The 6-Figure Schedule

Stuck working 8-12 hours a day because that’s the only way you can keep revenue at a steady spot.

Trying hard to break free from the time = money aspect of business ownership.

Plateaued, struggling to keep up with all the things, and working late crunching to get sh*t done.

Still taking on work you don't love because you're worried you won't hit your income goals if you don’t.

You want to keep doing better, making more, and seeing your revenue numbers rise year after year, but you don’t know how to fit more into your day or what to do differently in your business.

And the worst part? The guilt of missing out on time with your loved ones (heyyy fellow working mamas 👋) because you have to work again. Or when you do take time off, there’s guilt that you aren’t doing more to hit the 6-figure year you’re after.

Either way, it’s killing your pursuit of good vibes.

Maybe Business is going okay, but you’re ready to spend a little lot more time doing the things you love.

You thought you’d only hustle for a while to find freedom, but instead you’re:

now I run a 6-figure business

now I run a

6-figure business

You aren't meant to live life chained to your desk.

You can run a profitable business and have time to live life too.

Really, You don't need to work more to scale...

Yes—that’s a lot of titles, but I actually do it all, and every bit of it comes in handy while helping female founders make good money online.

Also, let’s get this clear: I’m not like those other people online who say they’re experts, but really only know one way of doing things (aka, the way that worked for them). This isn’t about teaching you a copy/paste fix, but using proven and repeatable strategies to make magic that works for you.

Brand + Marketing Strategist // Conversion Copywriter // Business Coach

Hey! I’m Jill.

Just because you’re stuck in the not-so-pretty phase doesn’t mean you have to stay there. You might just need some inspo to see how your 6-figure year could really break down each day. You really could do things like...

Design a work schedule that fits seamlessly with your day-to-day life. No more stressing about when you'll be able to clock in or wasting time on sh*t that doesn't matter when you are working.

Carve out the time to grow your business, but also enjoy life. If you're a mama like me too, that means more time raising your baby—the greatest privilege.

Take days (and weeks!) totally off and unplugged knowing that your business will keep running (and bringing in $$$) without you doing every little thing every single day.

Plan getaways and date days with your person and all kinds of fun stuff—regularly—knowing that dollars will keep hitting your bank account even if you're not clocked in.

Wake up relaxed every morning knowing that you have space to breathe and really enjoy that quiet time—solo or with your family—because work will be there when you're ready.

We become business owners to create space for a full life lived on our terms.

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*By grabbing this download, you’ll also be added to my email list, but you can unsubscribe at any time. Email friends are like my biz besties who get all the insider info, stories that don’t see the light of Instagram, legitimate business advice, and exclusive offers.

Business ownership isn’t just about the money–it’s about living life the way you want. But when work consumes you, it’s no fun for anyone.

But sometimes you need to slow down to scale faster.

You can have both business success and a full life without grinding more. I didn’t always believe that was true, but now I’m part of the proof.

After wasting a lot of time in the messy middle, I figured out how to focus on the sh*t that actually matters. Cutting through the noise, I went all in on refining the systems and processes that run behind the scenes.

Not too long ago, I was all over the place just trying to keep up.

These days, life is all about balance. It’s about having both. All.

All this has given me the freedom to focus on what matters most: Living life with my family.

And to be honest, it feels really f*cking vulnerable to share this with you… But business ownership isn’t just about making money—it’s about building a life you’re obsessed with outside of the hours you work. That’s where I am now, and it’s totally possible for you too.

Leads and sales come in on autopilot thanks to my messaging and pipeline, even if I take a break from marketing on social media.

5-figure projects coast from start to finish without any massive hang-ups, timelines dragging on, or frustration from anyone.

Setting and maintaining personal boundaries with myself and with clients, so it’s clear when I’m OFF vs ON throughout the week.

Now, there’s a system for everything in my business:

Sample monthly, weekly, daily to-dos taken from the actual lists inside my team's ClickUp account—proof you can make more impact in fewer hours.

The job description I wrote for myself to maintain clear boundaries and delegate better… This may inspire an aha moment for your own biz.

An overview of how to build, grow, and scale a business that feels good to you personally while following my proven process.

The exact reflection exercise I use regularly to figure out what I want next and the best steps to take to achieve this higher level.

You also get an exclusive look at a few of the tools and systems I set in place to get here (and yes, it feels super weird to be sharing).

This isn’t an exercise in just writing down what you want and hoping for the best because someone told you to manifest that sh*t.

Around here, we work hard, but also play hard.

This is meant to inspire you—not tell you what to do. You’re the boss, which means you don’t have to do things how I did just because they worked for me. Steal my best ideas and adapt them for yourself.

How? Peek at my calendar to see exactly where I find time to live while growing a sustainable and profitable business.

You can run a successful business and be present in your life.

If you learn anything from me, let it be this: Life is best lived on your terms and you can build a business that supports your wildest dreams.

In this free download, you’ll see an exact breakdown of my weekly and daily schedule—and how I made it happen.

Visualize what your life and business could literally look like if you could finally ditch the squirrel brain, comparison, and imposter syndrome.

Get inspo from the actual schedule of a Mom Boss growing business that gets results for clients without sacrificing quality time with the little one.

Learn what it takes to build, grow, and scale a sustainable business that thrives even if you need to take a step back when life happens

See a BTS peek at the possibilities for your business if you want to grow a team and become a CEO instead of a freelancer.

you have the foundations in place. this is your next level.

Design your work intentionally around your life—not the other way around.