Dream up your next moves and build a solid foundation to scale your way—in alignment with your goals and your life.

An intimate hybrid-style mastermind combining private coaching, consulting, and a like-minded micro-community for multi-passionate, growing copywriters, marketers, and freelancers.

The Inner circle

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Personally, I felt like I didn’t fit in any community: Not big enough for the Big Wigs, but too advanced for the generalized memberships and accidentally giving free coaching on every coffee chat because of that knowledge. Sure, the goal of joining any community should be to give even more than you gain… But you deserve to gain too.

There’s a weird in-between in the online business world…

A stuck spot where you aren’t a newbie, but your next level feels impossible to crack. It’s so close, but still so far.

Harness the power of proximity within a hand selected group. Meaning, you will finally get to work alongside others who get it and are at a similar spot as you (foregoing the above accidental free coaching sessions).

Reinvent your business to fuel your dreams. Remaster your day to day so it aligns with what you really want from life.

reimagine your trajectory.

First, identify what the heck you really want your business to look like these days because dreams change. If you build a strong foundation, you don’t need to blow up your biz every time that happens. Align passion and purpose and a legitimate strategy then take the steps to make your vision board reality.

As a partner in your growth, we share big goals for our 9 months together.

Identify your gaps

What got you here won’t get you there, so next we’ll search for gaps in the groundwork that are holding you back. Reset your biz to build long lasting foundations that are aligned with your current vision and purpose, and designed to grow with you to the next level. Then accelerate growth with proven branding, marketing, and sales strategies for high-ticket value and exponential growth.

Set yourself up to scale strategically in alignment with your dream life and without trading more of your time in the process… Because your time is your most valuable resource and there’s no point in going big if you can’t live away from your desk too.

Honestly, you’re a boss b*tch who can’t always see that in yourself. You’re growing and semi-succesful. Meaning, you actually have seen success, but maybe it doesn’t feel that way to you because 1) something still feels like it’s missing or 2) you can’t get those big months to really work consistently.

You want consistency, sustainability, and a clear direction that aligns with your vision for your life. You’re working towards a 6-figure year (averaging $5-8k each month) and need someone to tell you what you don’t know to get there (and stay there). Maybe you hit $10k once or twice, but you burnt out from it or your biz looks like a total sh*t show on the backend.

Been there done that with the 4th cup of coffee stuck at your desk past bedtime again to meet self-imposed deadlines because you took on too much for too little pay without proper capacity planning—why did you agree to this? Speaking from experience, probably because you’re scared to say no (you know there’s hidden money mindset issues wrapped up in there too). Regardless of why, burnout’s a real thing in your world that you don’t want to repeat.

Who are you?

Most importantly, you have big dreams.

Ones that you’re scared to even admit—especially to people who don’t live in this digital world that we do.

Beyond the numbers, you’re craving intentionality in your business and are tired of the BS noise and generalized advice others spew online. You value your time and don’t want to sacrifice your life—hustling harder isn’t the only way to grow.

A serial-preneur at heart—this isn’t your endgame, but a stepping stone to something bigger. It’s okay if you don’t know what that something else is just yet—we can sort out those details later. For now, the goal is to build something you can leverage to hit the sweet spot in your life.

Who am I to guide you? “Guide” being the key word here because while I can give 150% to being a partner in your growth, it’s on you to do the work. Sorry, not sorry.

I’ve been at this for 10,000+ hours and my business has generated $500k+ in revenue since going full-time. That's not counting the years freelancing before then. I don’t rhyme off frameworks just because it’s what they’re teaching in some program on the internet this month (you know the one that everyone and their mother seems to be an affiliate for). I’m here to help you find what works for your business, not stick on some tired formula that will never be a good fit.

Brand + Marketing Strategist // Conversion Copywriter // Business Coach

hey! i’m Jill.

You’ll never get regurgitated bad business advice like that last coach you hired who said the reason why you aren’t hitting your goals is because you aren’t HiGh ViBe EnOuGh (don’t worry—I’ve been there). Yes, mindset has a place. Love me some mindset work. All in for the good vibes… But there’s something else that’s missing, and I’ll help you find it. What we create together is real and actionable and entirely custom to you.

Over the years, I’ve written for, coached, and taught literally hundreds of entrepreneurs in all kinds of businesses. Because no, I don’t choose a niche by the old school, black and white definition that “experts” preach. What brings my people together is their willingness to own their special shade of defiant, and a driven AF attitude to go after what they want... With a little pushing from me of course. My clients aren’t afraid to do things differently to hit those major milestones everyone wants.

And those wins don’t even include all the clients who have passed through the DFY studio, who have clocked massive wins... like a 70% increase in sales in the first 90 days of picking up email marketing with me. or 600% increase in website conversions post implementing new personality-rich copy we whipped up together.

*Imagine your big goal here. Go on—see how it feels.*

Bring home 5-figure launches with tiny email lists (like 200 people kinda tiny).

Grow to 4-figure launches after $0 months.

Hire teams and step into the CEO role they’ve always wanted.

Landed first ever clients for their brand new business.

Booked out 1:1 retainer services within months of their new website launch.

3x monthly revenue within 2 months of working together.

266% increase in website conversions… Aka, straight up product sales.

33% increase in sales quarter over quarter (and then some).

Hit 6-figures as a solopreneur… Then blow way past that number.

Here’s some cool sh*t they've done with my help:

You just gotta sort through the mucky sh*t that’s stopping you from growing… And I’d love to help with that.

It’s hard f*cking work to wake up every day and go after your crazy dreams. I feel crazy too. But it’s scarier to stay the same and be okay with mediocrity. Working for a paycheck is noble and puts food on the table, but it’s not for people like you and me. We want more, and you can build a business that can shift with you and your life.

Disclaimer: This sh*t isn’t easy.

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In each phase of our time together, we’ll revisit, realign, and revamp the following in your business. Considering individual baselines, goals, and needs, your implementation plan will be customized accordingly as it makes sense alongside the group’s guiding pillars.

The following pillars are the guiding principles for the entire group, but will be targeted through 1:1 coaching and consulting. Everyone’s business is different and while we’re working in parallel, we aren’t identical—you’ll have specifics to implement within your business based on your individualized action plan that we set at the start and check-in with each month on your private coaching call.

This hybrid approach allows for both individual hand-holding and peer masterminding. You not only get 1:1 time with me, but I'll literally pull pieces out of my business to give to you wherever it makes sense. And on top of all that, you get to learn from the curated group.

Focus Pillars

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Create an exceptional, efficient, and on brand client experience that people rave about… Without you needing to personally fulfill every single step.

Set up processes and systems for all the things, so you can improve project management and workflows—the details don’t need to live in your brain anymore.

Implement stronger boundaries and clearer structure within your business.

Learn how to optimize the above ongoing—because it’s a continuous process and there’s always room for improvement.

Processes + Reclaiming Space

Elevate your messaging strategy beyond the basics, so you can position your brand to bring in high-ticket clients and retain them. Selling $1-2k projects is different from selling $8-15k projects.

Finally own your brand voice, get over the fear of showing up, and feel comfortable setting trends instead of following them.

Develop and refine a sales pipeline that works seamlessly—so all you have to do is keep filling the top for sales on autopilot.

Brand Positioning + Messaging

Develop purposeful offers that high-end clients want and need. Figure out what to cut and where to lean in to hit bigger than ever numbers.

Create a fair, results-based pricing structure that reflects the value you provide, aligns with the market, and can support your revenue goals.

Complete capacity planning that aligns with the above and your current team structure and what needs to change to hit your goals.

Service Suite / Offers + Pricing

your business can grow and evolve alongside others who get it.

Between private and group meetings, you’re invited to communicate both with the group and with me personally via Slack. Along with weekly check-ins, you’ll have a monthly reflection exercise to complete—personalized feedback will be provided to those who complete this by the due date each month.

Accountability: Private + Group Support

realign your biz

create freedom

We’re having a (virtual) party and you’re invited! Week 1, we’ll connect for happy hour with the group (TBD time zones—it’s 5 o'clock somewhere). The exact itinerary is a *surprise* and will be released 7 days prior to the event. Yay!

Kick-Off Party

Monthly 1:1 Strategy Session

Monthly Group Prioritization Call

Monthly Group Hot Seat Coaching

Bonus access to everything in the Biz Bar.

Support looks like...

In your initial Strategy Session, we’ll create a customized action plan for the next 9 months together. As a group, we’ll review goals and action steps every single month. You're encouraged to actively mastermind with others in the group, but you also get 1:1 time targeted to your specific needs.

everything flows on a monthly schedule

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This investment is $1250 USD per month for our 9 months together.
Alternatively, there's a pay in full bonus of $1250 OFF (1 month free).

Get unstuck from the in-between. Discover what's really... finally... possible for you.

This is quite literally the best of both worlds.

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People who are in the mess alongside you. And because of the hybrid structure, you’ll also get 1:1 guidance from someone who’s done the thing you want to do.

you’ll leverage the power of peers.

In a small group community,

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