December 23, 2023


Year-End Recap: An Honest Middle Ground

  1. Peter Watson says:

    Jill, first of all I love your earlier red wine imagery until, suddenly you are pregnant again. For your female client base, this is a quirk of Mother Nature. As women, you bear the propagation of our species. Some how, you are charged with populating Mother Earth. No simple task. And, you hav refined the journey while earning a significant entrepreneurial income. Phase One and Phase Two on the way. Congratulations. You are a beacon of success as a Copywriter and Marketer, having learned the ways of MasterMind Sales.
    As a male version of who you are, you travel the inside track of hundred, no, thousands of aspiring female entrepreneurs that have to learn the rules of the road as successful writers. Keep training those seeking parenthood and a career in Copywriting. I admire your pluck. Keep training Jill Wise.

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